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August 16th was National Rum Day, another pseudo-holiday created by the spirits industry to drive up sales. But it's a good reason to celebrate rum, which happens to be thriving at the moment.

Do you agonise over which whisky to drink or bore your friends with your whisky chat? You may just be a whisky geek, here are the classic signs.



The Health Benefits Of Imbibing Whisk(e)y
By Richard Thomas

If you’re going to drink bourbon, you want it to be good quality.

I didn’t wake up that morning thinking that I’d hack sugar cane with an old machete and stick my nose into a massive barrel that previously held Napoleon Cognac.

 HERE’S A CHILLING scenario for a Scotch aficionado: You head to your local online liquor store, anticipating the purchase of your favorite 12-year-old whisky, only to discover it’s nowhere to be f

In the many whisky tastings I’ve been to, I’ve often heard certain whiskies described as ‘one that women might like’ or ‘a ladies’ whisky’.


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International Scotch Day 2018 announced

Plans have been unveiled for the second International Scotch Day – a worldwide celebration of all things Scotch whisky – on Thursday, 8 February th


The current level of investment in Scotch whisky hasn’t been seen for over a century.

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