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Crown Royal Fine De Luxe

Crown Royal Fine De Luxe

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To celebrate the maiden visit to Canada of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England, Seagram’s Chairman Samuel Bronfman developed a unique whisky of refined smoothness for the occasion. But he needed something to present this crown jewel in. Something regal. Something luxurious. It was decided this special whisky would be housed in a velvet bag of purple — since ancient times the color reserved for royalty — with drawstrings of gold.

From this grand beginning, the fancy purple bag and its perfectly aged contents stayed under wraps in Canada. But as fate would have it with something this exceptional, word was bound to travel. And travel it did. When enterprising Canadians headed to seek their fortune in the oil rich lands of Texas in the 1960s, they packed their trusty purple bags for the journey. In no time at all, tales of Crown Royal’s smoothness spread like a fine whiskey across the land.

Today, fifty million purple velvet bags are stitched for Crown Royal every year. Each one remains above all a symbol of excellence to those who savor Crown Royal. It’s a sign that every glass will taste exactly like the first. A guarantee that you can tell a whisky by its cover. And luxurious proof that good things come in velvety packages.

Crown Royal
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