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Some visitors speculate they used to ring this bell when it was time for a dram. Putting your feet up after a hard week's work is a much better cue.

It always pays to double and triple taste-check the samples...

A glass of glowing amber, with notes of sweet smokiness and heather.

"Beware of hauntings unforeseen. Don't lose your head after Halloween!

Smooth, redolent of honey and citrus, faintly salty with a slight spicy note.

Just perfect for a Friday night treat don't you think?

Trois Rivières produce agricole style rum on the French-caribbean island of Martinique.
Trois Rivières are well known for their full-flavoured agricole rums.

For over one hundred and twenty years Gordon & MacPhail has carefully matched spirit with oak.

We would recommend our complex and tropical, with a spicy oak finish 15 Year Old.

Buichladdich never uses food colouring (caramel) to make the whisky appear darker. All the colour in Bruichladdich is derived from the cask in which it is matured.


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