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The 7th Annual New York International Spirits Competition recently named Speyburn as their 2016 Speyside Distillery of the Year.

Next time you are ordering a dram, or buying a bottle to take home,

why not give these underrated Scotches some love?

Iif you're looking for a good rum cocktail, we've rounded up refreshing and creative recipes from some elite bartenders.

August 16th was National Rum Day, another pseudo-holiday created by the spirits industry to drive up sales. But it's a good reason to celebrate rum, which happens to be thriving at the moment.


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Why Peaty Scotch Is An Ideal Summer Whisky

Humans have a weird binary when it comes to drinking alcohol—some beverages are strictly for cold weather, others for scorching hot days.


Macallan has unveiled its ‘ambitious’ new £140m distillery and visitor experience in Speyside, which will open to the public next month.

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