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Absinthe is a spirit which is the product of maceration and distillation of herbs and plants and alcohol. The Absinthe is known having a high alcohol % which can go up to 75% alcohol. When Absinthe is produced they will use a variety of plants where the best known are the anise, fennel and grand absinthe or wormwood, a plant known for its medicinal qualities since the Middle Ages. Absinthe comes in different types namely the distilled versions and the simply flavored versions. The best known are the colored versions especially the green absinthe which is obtained by an infusion after the distillation, white absinthes, blue ones (like in Switzerland) and uncolored ones where no additional infusion was used. Absinthe is served using water to lower the alcohol percentage. While adding the water slowly into the Absinthe the bartender will create a cloudy, misty drink which can be consumed with or without adding sugar.

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