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THE finest French chefs at Glengoyne during their tour of Scotland.



They were delighted to host some of THE finest French chefs at Glengoyne during their tour of Scotland. For many of them it was their first experience of what “Scotland’s larder” has to offer and it made us proud to hear them wax so lyrically about the breadth and depth of flavours they encountered on their merry way.
From hill farm to loch bed, they sampled some of the jewels in Scotland’s culinary crown. Of course, no visit to Scotland is complete without plunging into the wonderful world of whisky and there is no finer place to do so than at little old Glengoyne Distillery. To be honest, it gave us the chance to talk about what we do so well here and we never need a second invitation to do just that – distillation at a snail’s pace to create intense fruitiness, casks sourced from Jerez in Spain at great expense and no little effort to add rich spiciness and, of course, whisky at natural colour, the way nature intended it.
Suffice to say, they went home with a twinkle in their eye, a spring in their step and a thorough appreciation of how to make whisky the traditional way. Au revoir mes amis!

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