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Leopold Gourmel

When Pierre Voisin created his cognac house together with Olivier Blanc in 1972, he named it after his grandfather, Léopold Gourmel. Both founders were fond of his authenticity, his closeness to nature when attending his vineyards, his garden and when fishing on the shore of his island, Ile de Ré, off La Rochelle in the Atlantic Ocean . Such a respect for the environment perfectly matched their vision of a natural cognac. As a further reference to Léopold , a horse saddler by profession, they chose the horse’s head as the house logo. Here again, there couldn’t be a better sign than man’s best conquest to symbolize the noble, elegant and refined cognac from Léopold Gourmel. Beyond the emotional link, the justification of this choice can be found in the powerful pronunciation of this name. Saying Léopold Gourmel immediately brings promises of new flavours and moments of complicity.

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Leopold Gourmel

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