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Longueteau distillery was founded in 1895 by Henri Longueteau on the island of Basse-Terre, and continues to produce several expressions of agricole rhum from fresh cut sugarcane.  It is the oldest distillery in Guadeloupe still active in producing rhum.  The founder was entrusted with the property by Marquis de Sainte Marie.  Like many of Guadeloupe’s distilleries, Longueteau is family run, now by fourth generation descendant François Longueteau. Click on the image above to be guided by Monsieur Francois Langueteau on a video tour of the estate and ditillery he manages.  The distillery is located in Capesterre Belle Eau on Basse-Terre, which makes up the west side of butterfly shaped island of Guadeloupe.  Their sugarcane is sourced only from the plantations of the Domain du Marquisat de Sainte-Marie.

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