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It all started back in 1658 with the Steffelaar family who started to distill one of the first jenevers. Here it was where Dr. Franciscus Sylvius held his doctor's practice at the Leiden University and first conceived Genevievre, at the Leiden University where he researched the structure of the brain and was credited as the discoverer of the cleft in the brain known as Sylvian fissure. Throughout the years the company changed ownership only 4 times and currently it privately held by the Batenburg family. However, we're still one of the very very few to still produce our genevers the old way. We go to the windmill "De Vrijheid" to mill our own grains which we ferment and distill to make malt wines and age it on used American bourbon barrels. We distill our spices and botanicals in small batches up to 500 liters to produce the gin.

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