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Trois Rivieres Rum Blanc

Trois Rivieres Rum Blanc

20,50 €

Color: A very oily rum that is crystal-clear with great depth.

Aroma: Trois Rivières Rhum Blanc Agricole Premium enters on sugarcane aromas: the subtle notes of sugarcane flowers and sugarcane juice blend in nicely with a lively mineral and brinish tang.  Airing reveals elegant yeasty accents, like those you find in great champagnes.

Taste: The taste is along the same line as the aromas, soft, lively and very flavorful.  The elegant brinish savors intermingle perfectly with the vegetal accents of freshly cut sugarcane.

Finish: The long finish combines and reveals the ideal fullness, liveliness and uniqueness that represent Trois Rivières Rhum Blanc Agricole Premium.

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