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XM Royal 10y

Spirits - Rum - Guyana - XM Royal

XM Royal 10y

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XM Royal's producer is based in Guyana.  The Banks DIH company blends and bottles spirits and other beverages, bit it is not a rum distillery.  Reliable sources say XM Royal is aged and blended from spirits distilled on a Caribbean island, not in Guyana, and therefore contains no Demerara rum.  It is aged for about ten years in used oak bourbon barrels before blending and aging for another six months or so in used sherry barrels, a technique that is gaining popularity among premium aged rums.

Extremely Smooth.  XM Royal exhibits a hue of mildly polished copper that any aged rum would be proud to display.  The color seemingly influences your perception of the bouquet too, which smells slightly coppery, with a sherry sweetness and some mild pot still character.  Aromas of caramel, vanilla, blood orange peel, mango and a hint of ripe banana, then smoky charred wood and cocoa quickly follow, leading you on an exciting sensory adventure before you even taste the rum.  But take a sip, and you are rewarded with deeply smooth classic rum flavors of semi-sweet vanilla,caramel, and milk chocolate complimented by the tart sherry.  The body is medium-heavy weight, ensuring a long lasting finish that continues to deliver consistent flavors long after the rum is gone.

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