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1 x The Glencairn Glass

Whisky - Single Malt

1 x The Glencairn Glass

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In The Beginning

In the long and illustrious history of whisky there has never been a single definitive glass that the whisky world could call its own. Brandy, champagne, wine and beer all have their own distinct glasses. Yet Whisky the worlds most complex spirit can be found served in anything from Rocks tumblers to Paris goblets.

The Simple Innovation

Raymond Davidson of Glencairn Crystal took it upon himself to design a glass specifically for the whisky drinker. He envisioned a glass similar to a traditional sherry nosing copita that would encourage the user to appreciate the ‘nose’ of the whisky as well as the palate but would be robust and functional in a bar environment.

The Unique Shape

The tapering mouth allowed for an ease of drinking that was not associated with a copita, whilst capturing the all-important aromas. The wide crystal bowl enhances the appreciation of the whisky’s colour whilst the solid base is designed to be easy in the hand but robust enough for the discerning regular whisky drinker.

The Master Blenders

Eventually the glass was brought to the attention of the Master Blenders of the Scotch Whisky Industry. With their guidance and expertise the glass evolved in to its current form. It size and shape was perfected to accommodate a 35ml pour, allowing for addition of water but keeping an optimum amount of liquid in contact with air to allow the aromas to develop.

The Glass Today

The Glencairn Glass can be found at every major whisky festival in the world as well as any serious whisky bar. The glass is used at distilleries from the Glens of Speyside to the paddy fields of Yilan County. Since it’s launch in 2001 the glass has won numerous awards including the Queens Award for Innovation. It may have taken a few hundred years to arrive, but whisky now has a glass of its own... finally!



Single Malt

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